【CIOFF® ️ JAPAN】 is the Asia Oceania Sector Japan branch of the international NGO organization "CIOFF® ️" founded in France in 1970. It aims to promote international exchange through inheritance and promotion activities of ethnic and cultural entertainment, and to contribute to friendship and peace in the world.

Hibiki Rengo-kai

(Japanese Drums)


A performance to commemorate the 200th anniversary of founding of the United States in 1976 in San Francisco led to the establishment of Hibiki Rengo-kai in Choshi City, Japan for "preservation and cultivation of traditional culture in Choshi."Hibihi Rengo-kai currently has as many as 250 members who range between 4 to 80 years old from 13 groups. Hibiki Rengo-kai plays an active role for preservation and cultivation of local/folk performing art. It inherits and preserves local folk songs and dances about fishing and fishing people and among its repertoires, "Matsuri Bayashi" which prays for a good catch performed at shrines consists of spectacular performances of drums, songs and dances with a 150-year history.