【CIOFF® ️ JAPAN】 is the Asia Oceania Sector Japan branch of the international NGO organization "CIOFF® ️" founded in France in 1970. It aims to promote international exchange through inheritance and promotion activities of ethnic and cultural entertainment, and to contribute to friendship and peace in the world.


(Japanese Sword Action & Dance)


KON-TOU is a group of members who carry on a Japanese traditional martial art from Edo period, called “tachimawari kenjututsu”, which means sword skills for creating performance of sword fighting scenes using “ken”(Japanese sword).  We also incorporate some aspects of “mai”(dance) in their performance, to express in a form that is more comprehensible to all people.
As part of our main activities, we hold workshops at various kinds of festivals, dedication festivals at shrines, public facilities etc. all around Japan, seeking to enlighten the traditional culture.
We play an important role in promoting the Japanese culture using traditional skills and performances, by performing overseas as well.
“Kontouryu-shikikai”, the parent organization of KON-TOU, was found in 2008.  We have “dojo” (place where the members train themselves) in 12 areas in Japan, with over 150 members aged 5 to 84.  Our activities aim to connect people, with a theme: “Enrich our lives through “kenbu”(martial art of sword skills)”.