【CIOFF® ️ JAPAN】 is the Asia Oceania Sector Japan branch of the international NGO organization "CIOFF® ️" founded in France in 1970. It aims to promote international exchange through inheritance and promotion activities of ethnic and cultural entertainment, and to contribute to friendship and peace in the world.


(Japanese Dance)


Satomi "HANANOKAI" started the Japanese dance school in 1997.Head of school: Madam Satomi Koka which is a representative.Madam SATOMI was which study of Japanese dance is, and a new style in Japanese dance etc. for about 60 years.It is striving for training of a successor as part of the activity and research.Now, it has about forty person’s student, who exceeds 70 years old from a schoolchild,And domestic participates positively to the international exchange program of an overseas, and is introducing culture peculiar to Japan.It goes to in the past to the tens country, such as the United States, Brazil, Canada, Hungary, and South Korea, and international cultural exchange program.The feature of this organization is the ability to announce regardless of the school of the "Japanese dance" which is culture peculiar to Japan.Moreover, it can dance from the north and southern dancing in Japan.Madam SATOMI award a prize 2003 Chiba governor prize: Win an award for cultural testimonial.2010 Japan Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology prize: Social education testimonial prize.